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Alexis Durruthy

Soy graduado en Artes Culinarias de Le Cordon Bleu, para mí es un placer trabajar con Davide Castellano dueño del restaurante Freshealthy donde se come rico y saludable. La alimentación es un tema de la salud con el que las personas deben lidiar día a día y en Freshealthy se aprende conciencia y buenas prácticas nutritivas. I am a graduate in Culinary Arts of Le Cordon Bleu, for me it is a pleasure to work with Davide Castellano, owner of Freshealthy restaurant where one can eat good and healthy. Food is an issue that people have to deal with every day and Freshealthy teaches awareness and good nutritional practices.

Edy Escobar

When you hear the idea of an organic food restaurant one tends to think that they are only salads, personally I have tried many times to lose weight but I was bored just eating salads and I thought there was no other way. I had the blessing and opportunity to meet Davide Castellano who allowed me to be part of the team Freshealthy, also had the opportunity to try their meals and he has taught me how to eat healthy and with a rich taste to the palate. I think that in order to change our way of life, it is also necessary to change our way of eating, especially having the knowledge of how to do it healthily, I would like the community to be informed, so we can introduce a new culture for our benefit and of our generations. It is a privilege to be part of this team and we hope you will enjoy.

Roxany Murillo

I thank God for the opportunity to allow me to work for Davide that I know will be a great blessing for my life and for others. I want to work for Freshealthy restaurant where they are going to provide a healthy diet that will improve poor eating habits. Doy gracias a Dios por la oportunidad de permitirme trabajar para Davide que se que será de gran bendición para mi vida y para otros. Quiero trabajar para el restaurante Freshealthy donde se les va brindar una alimentación saludable y sana que va a mejorar los hábitos de la mala alimentación.

Estela Silva

I graduated in Food Engineering and Specialized in Food and Cooking from USP (University of São Paulo). Now I am part of the Freshealthy family. Where we propose a new form of cooking. More healthy, based on natural and organic food, and its real flavor. With recipes developed painstakingly and elaborated gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free. If you are looking for a food reeducation, tasty, nutritious and quality food, then you need to know Freshealthy Restaurant to enjoy its delicious dishes. Sou graduada em Engenharia de Alimentos  e Especializada em Cozinha  e Alimentos pela Usp (Universidade de São Paulo). Agora faço parte da família Freshealthy. Onde propomos uma nova forma de cozinha. Mais saúdavel, baseada em alimentos naturais e orgânicos, e no seu real sabor. Com receitas desenvolvidas cuidadosamentes e elaboradas sem glúten, sem açúcar e sem lactose. Se você busca uma reeducação alimentar, alimentação saborosa, nutritiva e com qualidade de vida, então você precisa conhecer o Restaurante Freshealthye desfrutar dos seus deliciosos pratos.

Bonnie Lichter

If I had to describe freshealthy in three words, it would be unique, nutritious and family. Freshealthy is unique for the new concept it has on healthy food. The food here is not only healthy and organic, but incredibly delicious where you actually enjoy eating it. I am so glad to have the opportunity to be working for Freshealthy because I learn something new everyday to pass on to our guest as well to myself and family. Nutritious is an understatement when it comes to describing our food here at freshealthy. We have food here that fits all life style and diets. We make sure that you get the most out of every meal by sticking with a low carb high protein standard. We make sure every meal satisfies your craving but also fuels you for your daily routine. It definitely makes us a one of a kind restaurant. I'm honored to work with Davide to show everyone that eating healthy is a lifestyle you can enjoy.

Santiago Saavedra

Working in the restaurant business is one thing but working in the health industry providing the knowledge and proper meals for the community is another. With the knowledge provided by our amazing leader and the constant growth within us all, truly makes us one of a kind. Being able to continue my gym life and work at a place I can call home, sharing with the community the importance of eating right is just like a dream come true. We have lost our selfs in a life style where we want everything at an instant moment but we have forgotten that with the food we consume it is imposible to feel right with what we call fast food. At Freshealthy I'm a strong believer of our motto "Eat Smart, Look Good, Feel Great". My job is to show you the importance of providing your body with the right nutrition and have you understand the simplicity of it so you can start this at the comfort of your own home and share it with your family and friends. You are all welcome to our home. Hope to see you all at the start of your life changing experience.

Tania Escobar

We know the impact that nutrition has on our daily lives, knowing how to eat the right way, totally changes how your body feels and what you are able to accomplish. That's why in Freshealthy the goal is to never lose your focus on what you set out to do, our variety of delicious dishes will never bore you and above all will keep you healthy. It is a privilege to work with Davide and to know that his idea is a benefit that many people can enjoy.  We’d love to see you soon!

Maira Antunez

I feel motivated working at Freshealthy because it is a restaurant where I am learning about eating healthy and improving my family's health as well as mine. Me siento motivada trabajando en Freshealthy porque es un restaurante donde estoy aprendiendo del buen comer para mejorar la salud mía y la de mi familia.

Noah Sperber

As a student who spends the weekdays studying science and environmental sustainability, it is incredible to see how concepts from the classroom translate perfectly at My Freshealthy. Eating healthy, while supporting organic farming and using fresh ingredients in every meal, can be felt from the moment one steps into the restaurant. It is so enjoyable working in a place where the customer's health comes first, while I continue my education to eventually live my passion of becoming a doctor, and help people who need it most.

Brenda Benton

I am excited to be apart of the Freshealthy team.Freshealthy is giving me the opportunity to educate myself and my family's how to eat healthy 100% organic meals that taste outstanding. Other traditional restaurants serve foods with no nutritional value. Freshealthy is changing that concept by serving healthy food that you enjoy.