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Jhenifer Borges
In the day-to-day running we forget to pay attention to our food. We eat foods rich in anti-nutrients: dyes, preservatives, sugars, farinaceous… everything that contributes to our fatigue, binge eating, low esteem and obese… We are always so busy and preoccupied with so many daily tasks that we forget to pay attention to what is paramount to “OUR HEALTH” existence. Three years ago I decided to change my food…

I stopped drinking soft drinks, eating “flours”, cutting gluten, lactose, vegetable oils and everything that gave me momentary pleasure but that made me fall into regret soon after… I started To eat “real food” (vegetables, meats, vegetables, tubers, eggs, healthy fats…) and from there I got rid of the medicine boxes and all the headaches, indisposition, reflux, gastritis that for years They accompanied me. With a healthy diet in addition to gaining an “iron health” and self-esteem back, I still gained from toast a sculptural body and with it some trophies that consecrated me Professional Athlete Fitness. I confess that when I decided to change my food it was not easy, because it was difficult to eat healthy in the restaurants I attended, so I had to spend many hours preparing my own food at home. Freshealthy is a restaurant that serves healthy, tasty, fresh, and with food combinations that meets my daily nutritional needs, and everything prepared as homemade… I love it!

Do as I do, invest in your food and gain more quality of life!


Freshealthy is proud to be a sponsor of  Jhenifer Borges.